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Top Things to Do in Dubrovnik: Croatia Travel Guide

Craving beautiful coastlines and Game of Thrones fun? This Croatia Travel Guide will help you effortlessly explore the Top Things to Do in Dubrovnik!

Croatia is incredibly beautiful and full of life! Whether you love Game of Thrones, aquatic adventures, history, spectacular cliffs, charming city streets or delicious seafood, Dubrovnik is the destination for you. Below you will find all the Top Things to Do in Dubrovnik collected in this handy Croatia Travel Guide.

Old city in dubrovnik croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Restaurants with the Best Views

Panorama Restaurant is situated on Srđ, a mountain overlooking Dubrovnik. Don’t miss the chance to see this picturesque, walled city from an epically elevated view! Be sure to book a reservation well in advance so that you get a table in the first row. The view is breathtaking and the risotto is quite tasty!

You can drive up to Panorama Restaurant via a winding, single lane road or you can take the cable car. A round trip ride on the cable car costs 170HRK and a one way ticket is 90HRK. The cable car drops you off right at the restaurant! The address of Panorama Restaurant is Srđ ul. 3.

In addition to Panorama, Restaurant More (inside Hotel More) is another fabulous place to dine with a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea! Take in a gorgeous sunset. Sip on some wine and enjoy a few oysters. The pumpkin soup is also delicious! In addition to this fabulous restaurant, Hotel More has so much more to offer! It is located at Ul. Kardinala Stepinca 33.

Unique Boutique Hotel with a Cave Bar

Without a doubt, Hotel More is the ideal place to stay in Dubrovnik! It is a five-star boutique hotel located in the Bay of Lapad, with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. The hotel is built into the side of a cliff and even has a natural cave inside! Hotel More has multiple levels of restaurants, bars and terraces with incredible cuisine to please every palate.

Cave Bar More is one of the most unique bars I have ever seen! You can grab a drink and take in the view (and depth) of the natural cave around you. A short walk down a hallway takes you to the waters edge where you can jacuzzi, swim or jump into the Adriatic Sea!

Click here to book your stay at this amazing boutique hotel. Hotel More is located at Ul. Kardinala Stepinca 33.

The Old City of Dubrovnik

The Old City of Dubrovnik is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” It is a UNESCO protected site filled with fountains, churches, monasteries and palaces. The architecture is a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles.

city walls in old city dubrovnik croatia - top things to do in dubrovnik croatia travel guide
The Old City of Dubrovnik

The Old City is surrounded by a medieval wall. Get a ticket to walk the city walls because the views are breathtaking! The entrance fees for Dubrovnik City walls are 200HRK. A ticket to walk the City Walls also includes a visit to the Lovrijenac Fortress which was a popular filming location for Game of Thrones! More on that below…

PRO TIP: parking near the Old City is extremely limited and very expensive. It is more cost effective to park further away and take public transit, walk or Uber to the Old City.

Game of Thrones Sights

Dubrovnik was the main filming location for King’s Landing which is the capital of the 7 Kingdoms in Game of Thrones. Many scenes from seasons 2-6 were filmed in the city. You can take an organized tour of the locations or adventure on a self guided tour if that is more your style.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most iconic GOT sights in Dubrovnik:

  • Walk of Shame” was filmed at the Jesuit Staircase. The steps lead up to Uz Jezuite Street.
  • Red Keep” was filmed at Fort Lovrijenac.
  • Purple Wedding” was filmed at Gradac Park.
  • Fight between Oberyn and the Mountain “was filmed at Belvedere Atrium.
  • Blackwater Bay” was filmed at Dubrovnik West Pier.
fort lovrijenac the red keep, blackwater bay and the purple wedding drone photo of the old city in dubrovnik croatia
Game of Thrones filming locations for the Purple Wedding, the Red Keep and Blackwater Bay

Best Time of Year to Visit

Over 1.1 million tourists visit Dubrovnik each year. As a result, the small streets of the Old City can feel very crowded. Avoid the summer months as this is the peak tourism season. The optimal time to visit Croatia is in September! The weather is gorgeous, the water is warm and there are less tourists out and about.

In conclusion, I hope these Top Things to Do in Dubrovnik motivate you to explore this breathtaking city in Croatia for yourself! If you are interested in other European destinations to add to your next trip, take a look at Top Things to Do in Vienna, Bratislava and Liechtenstein! Watch this space as Top Things to Do in Split is coming soon!

Have you been to Dubrovnik? What did you enjoy the most? Let me know below in the comments!

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