bratislava travel and art guide by 3 fresh eyes

Bratislava Travel and Art Guide

slovakia outline filled with the Slovak flagHead to Slovakia to your next Eurotrip! This Bratislava Travel and Art Guide will help you explore the stunning capital city of Slovakia– including landmarks, art, restaurants, transportation and accommodation. This affordable, Central European destination is set along the Danube River by the border of Austria and Hungary.

Art and Architecture: Slovak Sights to See

A short river walk along the Danube rewards you with scenic views of the beautiful bridges of Bratislava. Most SNP (New Bridge or Most Slovenského národného povstania) is also known as the “UFO bridge” due to the flying saucer form at the top. There is an observation deck and restaurant in it that serves Slovak and International cuisine. Starý Most (Old Bridge) connects the historic old city of Bratislava and the newer region  Petržalka. Most Appolo (Appolo Bridge) has a sleek, modern design and lights up beautifully at night.

The Danubiana Muelensteen Art Museum is a must-see! This modern art museum is situated on a peninsula, surrounded by the Danube. The sculpture garden around the museum features stunning, large scale art installations that are backdropped by breathtaking river views. Above all, the museum is architecturally remarkable! It houses a beautiful café as well. 1-2 hours is plenty of time to explore the museum, café and sculpture garden.

My favorite art nouveau building in Bratislava is St. Elizabeth’s Church. It is known as the Blue Church for it’s vibrant color palette and feels right out of a fairytale.

In addition to art nouveau, there are many architectural influences in Bratislava including gothic, baroque, Hungarian, socialist, futurist and more.

Bratislava is not a massive street art city, but there are some beautiful works to come across especially in the city center! Be sure to take a walk down Dunajská Street and keep your eyes peeled.

A visit to Bratislava would not be complete without seeing Bratislava Castle. It is situated on top of a hill overlooking the Danube.

bratislava castle on hill at sunset
Bratislava Castle


It is easy and comfortable to take a train into Bratislava! There are frequent trains from Vienna (~1 hour),  Prague (~4 hours) and Budapest (~2.5 hours). The main train station in the city is Bratislava Hlavná Stanica (usually abbreviated as “Bratislava hl. st.” or “Hlavná stanica”). It is located in the northern part of broader city center. Self storage lockers are available 24/7 outside of the train station at platform 1. Luggage can be stored there for a maximum of 72 hours and the locker accepts 1€ and 2€ coins.

Public transportation in Bratislava is very straightforward. You have to buy your ticket prior to boarding from yellow or orange ticket machines around the city. Tickets are redeemable on trams and buses, just be sure to validate your ticket once you board via the ticket marker. From Bratislava Hlavná Stanica you can easily ride to the city center via Bus 93 (get off at second or third stop) or via Tram 1. After that, the city center is fairly small and you can walk it easily!

Uber is not available in Bratislava, but you can use the HOPIN mobile app to order a taxi, limo or find your right public transportation line.

Where to Eat and Drink:

There are a lot of cute cafés and restaurants in Bratislava. My favorite restaurant is Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar (Bratislava Burgess Brewery) on Drevena Street. Great beers are brewed on site and the food is delicious, traditional Slovakian. Similarly, Pulitzer is a lovely restaurant for a tasty European lunch or dinner also. After that, grab a few drinks at U Zlateho Bazanta right by Kamenné Námestie for a fun, local beerhall atmosphere. For scenic drinks, RIVA Bar and Bistro is located on a boat with a beautiful view of the UFO bridge!

Where to Stay:

If you are keen on renting an apartment, there are many well priced properties available in the city center over on Airbnb. I stayed in a comfortable rental property in the eastern part of Old Town right by the Blue Church for ~$30USD. It also featured interesting local artwork! Click here to see what properties are available.

If hotels are more your style, the Hotel Galeria is an affordable, art-focused hotel which is a quick 4 minute walk from the train station. The hotel itself is a vibrant explosion of color and unique materials. The eclectic feel is carried into the interior design as well. It is a very artistic place to stay and you can even create art of your own on-site. There is a café as well! Click here to book.

hotel galeria in bratislava slovakia
Hotel Galeria

In conclusion, I hope this Bratislava Travel and Art Guide motivates you to explore this beautiful city in Slovakia for yourself! Above all, a Eurotrip is always a good idea!

Have you been to Bratislava? What did you like the most? Let me know below in the comments!

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