My Move Abroad: A New Life in Europe


There will always be a million reasons NOT to do something, especially when that something involves uprooting your entire life as you know it. The decision to move abroad has quite a few challenges.

Where will you live? Why would you leave your creative, stable job? How will you find work? What will you do with your stuff? How can you move that far from your family? And what about your pets? 

These questions presented a wide variety of obstacles that would easily merit a large enough excuse to stay put in my comfort zone of sunny, beautiful California. However, the thing about comfort zones is that not much grows there. I was ready to shatter mine and move abroad!

A completely new environment piqued my interest and I have always been drawn to European city life. Above all, I wanted to set out on a colossal adventure laced with eye-opening, soul-shaking, perspective-shifting self growth. As I really focused and set plans forth to achieve this challenging dream of life abroad, the countless excuses faded away. I have officially made the jump over to Prague in the Czech Republic without ever having visited before.

Your wildest dreams are worth pursuing!

marcel proust travel quote logo 3 fresh eyesBelieve the one reason something might work rather than the million reasons it won’t. I fully trust that large life adjustments and learning how others live is a catalyst for artistic inspiration and personal growth. Travel has opened my eyes in a lot of ways and I aim to continue that perspective shift by seeing and sharing as much of the world as I can. I hope this blog inspires you to follow your dreams, explore the world and create

I am seeking out the imaginative side of every country on this continent (and some others mixed in as well) while I am based in Prague. In conclusion, I will be sharing my favorite travel destinations, tips, art, events and heaps of photography along the way!

I really appreciate your support! Thanks for joining the adventure : )





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